An open-source POWERLINK protocol stack


We appreciate every contribution to the project - be it bug fixes, new platforms, new features, or even some documentation updates.

Contribute code to the official stack version

If you want to contribute code to the official stack, base your changes on the latest release version available before submitting it to the project.
You can provide either patch sets via the support forum on SourceForge or use the PullRequest mechanism on GitHub.
The PullRequest shall be given towards the current develop-x.y branch for bugfixes and the future develop-x.(y+1) branch for new features/platforms/additions... Just make sure to stick to the common coding style and to submit your changes in logical, digestible and well-documented chunks (commits with well-documented commit messages).

Inofficial (unmaintained) contributions

Any contribution not entering the main stack distribution is considered inofficial and therefore not maintained by the openPOWERLINK developers. Still, we want to provide such code to others who might base their solutions onto it or even move it into a direction to enter the main stack.

See also the list of known Inofficial Forks and Portings