An open-source POWERLINK protocol stack


This section lists the current roadmap of the openPOWERLINK stack project. Due to the fact that openPOWERLINK is using fixed release cycles for feature releases (see Development Guidelines), features may get moved to a later version if necessary.

Roadmap by time

Version Release date
V2.7.0 23 Feb 2018

Roadmap by features

Version Feature                                           Contributor
V2.7.x   SoC timestamp forwarding for all CALs             Kalycito
           Raw socket implementation (Linux)                 BE.services
tbd       Remote Firmware Update (FPGA CN)                   tbd
           Memory optimization for SoC and PCIe designs       tbd
           PCIe card design for CNs (Linux)                   tbd
           Performance optimization for PCIe interface cards tbd
           Altera C5 SoC Linux driver for FPGA-based design   tbd
           Dynamic object dictionary creation                 tbd